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Tobacco Harm Reduction in Australia

People have consumed nicotine for thousands of years, and will continue to do so because they find nicotine to be pleasurable. But smoking, the most common form of consuming nicotine, is inherently unhealthy.

Fortunately time (& technology) moves on, and a number of different solutions to this problem were created. Solutions such as snus (a form of smokeless oral tobacco), nicotine vaping and heated tobacco products offer low (arguably no) risk alternatives.

Regrettably many in tobacco control in Australia are convinced by their past glories that they can end smoking using the same tools they have always used, and are fighting any and all forms of tobacco harm reduction. Tobacco control in Australia is invested in the ‘quit or die’ mantra that worked – until recently. Australia’s claim to be leaders in tobacco control is becoming less convincing, given our reduction in smoking rates has largely flat-lined while other countries that allow reduced risk nicotine products are surging ahead.

With Australian tobacco controllers obstinately refusing to recognise and promote THR, it’s time we made them as obsolete as smoking, and to do that we need to circumvent them completely and focus on the two groups that actually matter. The people who smoke (their loved ones, friends and other people who support personal choice and agency) and the politicians they elect.

I have established a mobile advocacy platform (a ute with banners) to do just that. The aim of the MAP is to educate the public & correct many misconceptions they have about nicotine and non-smoke laden ways of consuming it, and to remind politicians who put them in office (and who can take them out!).

Buying and fitting out the MAP, however, costs money. Money I’m barely able to afford by my own means. Nobody pays me to promote THR and I have no reliable form of income.

Please help fund this effort by making a contribution(1) to the expense of running the MAP and buying the banners to go with it.