Manufacturing Harm: A Public Health Initiative Gone Horribly Wrong

The Early Days: Smoking and Health The harm of smoking cigarettes was, long ago, of concern to a grassroots group of medical professionals and others interested in seeing a reduction in the harms resulting from smoking cigarettes. 1962 – Royal College of Physicians The landmark 1962 report from The Royal College of Physicians titled Smoking […]

Australian Voices

From the 2020 Senate Select Committee Inquiry on Tobacco Harm Reduction Here are some of the personal accounts of Australian residents, as submitted to the 2020 Senate Select Committee Inquiry on Tobacco Harm Reduction. This is what they had to say on a variety of aspects of nicotine vaping including, quit attempts, concern for their […]

Tobacco Harm Reduction in Australia

People have consumed nicotine for thousands of years, and will continue to do so because they find nicotine to be pleasurable. But smoking, the most common form of consuming nicotine, is inherently unhealthy. Fortunately time (& technology) moves on, and a number of different solutions to this problem were created. Solutions such as snus (a […]

The Accidental Quitter & Why They Are Important

Tobacco control often repeats the mantra: “to be successful, you have to want to quit smoking”. While this is very true of the clinical (unpleasant & mostly ineffective) smoking cessation medications they have relied on for years, or the even less pleasurable and effective route of ‘cold turkey’, pleasurable alternatives like vaping turn that logic […]