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The Accidental Quitter & Why They Are Important

Tobacco control often repeats the mantra: “to be successful, you have to want to quit smoking”. While this is very true of the clinical (unpleasant & mostly ineffective) smoking cessation medications they have relied on for years, or the even less pleasurable and effective route of ‘cold turkey’, pleasurable alternatives like vaping turn that logic on its head. Here is the result of a poll asking current vapers how much they intended to quit, when first trying vaping.

Though 3 in 5 strongly wanted to quit (the green slice), 1 in 4 (the purple and blue slices) did not have strong motivation to do so, and 1 in 7 had no intention to quit. (It’s ironic that the percentage of those who accidentally quit smoking via vaping is better than the success rate of people who wanted to quit smoking, but relied on ‘proven’ smoking cessation methods!)

Stories Of Some Accidental Quitters

Here are some of the stories of people who intended to continue smoking when they first vaped, but became ex-smokers in the process.

..and of course, my own path to non-smoking. I smoked for 29 years and thought I’d die a smoker. The high level of tobacco excise in Australia though, was driving me to poverty. I thought I’d try vaping to replace at least some of the smoking to cut costs, but as I exhaled that first puff of coffee scented vapor, a silly grin spread across my face as I realized I was an ex-smoker! Although I gained pleasure from smoking, vaping was even more pleasurable.

Some Common Themes Of Those Who Accidentally Quit Smoking

Here is a summary of some of the ways people accidentally quit smoking, and the reasons they first tried vaping, as detailed above.

  • They could vape where they could not smoke.
  • To spite those in tobacco control / government who opposed vaping.
  • Because vaping wasn’t a ‘quit smoking’ therapy.
  • The pleasure derived from vaping flavors.
  • Vaping made smoking taste awful.
  • A curiosity about the vaping technology.
  • A friend or partner was trying vaping.
  • Dual users of vaping and smoking who slipped into 100% vaping.

Why Us Accidental Quitters Are Important

Smoking rates in countries that allow & promote vaping are in free fall. This is partly because of the people who would otherwise still be smoking cigarettes, but found a better alternative. While vaping works for many who are determined to quit smoking, it also works for people who had no intention to stop smoking! A true marvel of our times.

Special Thanks To The Following Twitter Users For Contributing Their Success Stories

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  1. Jerry

    Excellent article! I was definitely an accidental quitter, merely bought an old school cigalike to try because it was cheap. 2 weeks later no more smokes. In 9 years I tapered down my nicotine from 24-6mg. I still enjoy the actions similar to smoking and my nicotine but I haven’t had any desire to smoke since I switched.

    1. andrewthommo

      Nice one, Jerry!

      I’m a little over 5 years quit & also love the hand to mouth motion, or ‘haptic habit’. I’ve not attempted to drop nicotine levels, though I often sit peering at the computer and realise I’ve been holding a vape for ten minutes without taking a puff. I guess I’m ingesting less nicotine. Does that count? šŸ˜‰

  2. Louise Ross

    Fab blog! I want to use some of this for a talk Iā€™m giving soon, will credit the source, naturally

    1. andrewthommo

      Excellent! Hope it’s of some help in the fight to provide reduced risk alternatives to smoking.

      A request though. When you say ‘credit the source’, please include the people who provided the quotes. I’m just (mostly) reporting their lived experiences.

  3. J Hall

    I was given a Kanger twist style kit as a Xmas gift from my daughter. I felt obligated to use while she was in town… that was the last day I smoked cigarettes after 32 years.
    The gift that keeps giving…

    1. andrewthommo

      Congrats on your success!

      It’d be great if more smoking dads had daughters like yours. She’s a champ. šŸ™‚

  4. C. B.

    Can’t imagine why I hadn’t seen this before now but it has great stories and is important data for people to acknowledge. Thank you for all you do Andrew! šŸ‘šŸ½

    1. andrewthommo

      Hey, thanks for your comment. šŸ™‚

      And what a coincidence, I had this tweet open in a tab in my browser, wanting to incorporate it and some others when I get the time!

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